Bina Fellowes

Bina Fellowes Photography

What makes Bina stand out from the rest is her intense passion and enthusiasm for photography, but these qualities alone are not sufficient to make a great photographer, but fortunately, Bina backs this up with raw technical skill and extensive experience, resulting in her much deserved critical acclaim.
Bina’s eclectic portfolio covers a wide span of genre’s from corporate and product photography to music and the performing arts, as well as traditional wedding and family photography.

Born and educated in Bristol, a city with a lively and progressive performing arts and music scene, Bina discovered the burgeoning JazzFunk and Soul music scene, in which she became heavily involved, eventually promoting Jazz Funk and Soul events throughout the South West.  It was during this formative period Bina also discovered her love of photography starting off a with rudimentary Kodak Instamatic camera.  Her love of photography continued to grow through her successful commercial career until she made the decision to become a full time professional photographer, and she has not looked back since!

Equally at home in her fully equipped Cornwall based studio, or on location throughout the South West, she has built an enviable reputation for highly creative, stunning quality imagery, and is much sought after within the dance, music and commercial sectors.  Her past assignments have included appointed photographer of The Geraldine Lamb Dance School and the Kidz R Us performing arts centre, promo photography for recording artists, professional models and performers including ballet, theatre and circus photography, product photography for several well known brands, and catalogue and website imagery.  Bina has also covered many live music events capturing not just the performers but the atmosphere too.

Instagram:  @bina.fellowes