I grew up watching DJ’s like Carl Cox, Jeremy Healey, Eric Morillo, Todd Terry, Masters at Work, Louie Vega, Fabio an Grooverider and all those greats smash out sets. I was hooked. I can remember going to a local nightclub in Newquay in my early twenties. All my friends on the dance floor and I was stood by the DJ booth watching the DJ spinning records over an over again and seeing the dance floor fill to bursting with people who didn’t have a care in the world only listening to the music. I knew that I wanted to do that. I had no idea how but I was going to! I bought some second hand speakers from a charity shop and a cheap pair of Technic 1200 Turntables from a cash converters and some records from the same DJ that had captivated every weekend and I started to practise. I thought that I was going to go mad as I just couldn’t seem to make it happen and then one day I mixed my first two records! It clicked! Finally! A Vinyl Junky at heart was born
Lady C

To name a few…

The Beach Bar, Newquay – Various Events 2014-present day including official opening party for Boardmasters 2017 and Terrace Nights to present day Hedonism Night Club – Rotherham 2016 Vivid Radio – In Session with Lady C – 2016 Single Fin Bali – February 2017 MAD Boat Parties in London Summer 2017 Lusty Glaze Beach and Praa Sands – Summer Weddings, Cornwall 2017 Bear Bar Newquay, St Agnes and Truro – Various nights – 2018 Koola Bar, Newquay – NYE 2016/2017 Single Fin, Bali – February 2018 McQueen, Shoreditch – UK Garage Night supporting Artful Dodger March 2018 to present day various events 2019 Eden, Ibiza September 2018 Watershed, Newquay – Summer 2018 55 Yards Bar, Newquay – Summer 2018 – monthly resident Barefoot at the Beach, Newquay – Summer 2018/2019 – monthly resident Whiskers Bar, Newquay – Summer 2018 Skybar, Watergate Bay – 23rd June 2018 – 22nd June 2019 Craftworks, Padstow – July 2018 Pure, Ibiza – June 2018 Fistral Beach Bar, Beach Sessions – Various events – Summer 2018 to present day Boardmasters Surf Competition – 8th – 12th August 2008 to present day Cafe del Mar, Ibiza – September 2018 Hush, Ibiza – September 2018 The Blue Room – Emerge, Ibiza – September 2018 McQueen London, July 2019 – Its The Way Sophie’s Steakhouse + Jack Solomons Club – Pride, London Howl at the Moon – Shoreditch – private event – October 2019 12 Beach Road, Newquay – Launch Party 27th July 2019 Southport Weekender, London – 31st August 2019 Hypnosis Events supporting Graeme Park, Marshall Jeffereson 11th May 2019 and Paul Okanfold 20th July 2019

I hope you enjoy the mix: