C76 Femme Fatal

The summer of 2021 in Cornwall will experience a rare one-off all day event. Staged at the beautiful, Garden Terrace of the Victoria Hotel that looks out over the golden sands of sunny Newquay.

On Saturday 24th July 2021 5pm to 11pm you will be all graced by a selection of the finest female DJ’s C76 has to offer.

We present for you listening pleasure ‘Femme Fatal’ a Disco Funk and Soul celebration…

Featuring a Disco fabulous line-up including Miss C MC/DJ joining is from the big smoke who is the darling of Burning Man, resident at Give (Kimberly) and The Secret Garden Party. Our very own Anna M who needs little introduction, MODIR the C76 resident and mistress of funk, the ever so elegant Disco House darling that is Danae B and for her VERY FIRST live gig we are more than happy to present Phoenix Fox who is Newquay’s own DJ debutant.

Guys… it does not stop there!… The after party is going deep and is limited by venue size.

Please make sure you book a ticket, so you are not disappointed. We will be playing on until the small hours with a select group that include Miss C MC/DJ getting darker and an additional headliner that will blow your fuse…. shhhhhhhh!

Yes (we are really unhappy about it too) we are rolling with tables as we  cannot be sure the C19 road map will be as is, currently planned.

If all things reamain equal. A second release of single tickets will be anounced OR we will release the last tables if the rule of six returns to outdoor venues… pray people 😉

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